As a litigation support firm, we at Kreetam undertake numerous consultations. Our pool of professionals with various litigation specializations, put together have around thirty years of experience. We not only deal with archetypal civil cases, but also cases related to consumer and competition law. Right from assessing plausible legal and economic consequences of M&A’s to providing trial support, Kreetam’s services in consulting are holistic and immaculate. We also provide structured settlement consultation.

Some of our wide range of services in civil law include trial preparation, opposition theory analysis, settlement negotiations, evidence preparation. In corporate law, we deal with settlement negotiations,pre-merger consultations, pre-trial conferences (including deposition hearings), tactical support. Our services in cases related to competition law include definition of relevant market, analyses of potential anti-competitive agreements, infringement of rules specified in the Competition Act of 2002, analysis and maximization of the positive undercurrent of the competition laws.

We also specialize in providing economic evidence to the Competition Authorities by way of testimonies. As data experts, we compute and assess damages caused by infringements.