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Kreetam was founded in 2008, with its headquarters in Bangalore, and extended operations to Chennai. We are an organization run by a few professionals and experts, providing top quality services to all knowledge-seeking aspirants in the field of law and economics. Although we started as a legal publishing unit in 2005, we diversified as a competition litigation law firm in the year 2008. In 2009, we began our market research, surveys and impact evaluation wing under which several projects have been successfully completed, to date. We also collaborated with academic institutions in 2011 to incorporate the competition law programme among students. Staffed with efficient attorneys, economists, and researchers, Kreetam has always delivered quality work right on time.

The Kreetam Edge

Atticus Finch is a great lawyer. We know why. We, at Kreetam, have a missionary zeal to work constantly towards the premise of law, with an insatiable quench for comprehending its gravity. Law is an omnipotent and ever-expanding entity, with unimaginable significance and ramifications. We reach out to the people about law, trying to create awareness, such that even a bystander would be able to identify with the law. Providing top-notch services has been high on our meritorious list, and there is no better testimony to this, than the perfectly satiated clientele. We prioritize delivering our services right on time, as we know the maxim "Justice delayed is Justice denied" better than most people.

Consumer Disputes

Recent updates from courts reveal a colossal number of consumer cases. In times of ever-increasing awareness of consumer rights, we estimate the number of cases to go up steadily. It is a welcome change to see the usual whining consumer take it to a different level to assert his rights. We recognize this primal need to get one's money's worth, and to assure that manufacturers with products below a reasonable standard are taken off the market. The popularity of the concept of Caveat Emptor notwithstanding, each consumer needs a platform where he can establish the injustice done to him. It is on this level that we connect to a consumer, and ensure that his rights are well protected and accounted for.

Financial Litigation

Kreetam's financial litigation team offers a powerful combination of in-depth financial markets knowledge, international coverage, and legal expertise. Traditionally, we offer advise to insurers, regulars, commercial brokers, fund managers, financial services businesses and corporations on complex litigation that often arise in financial and banking transactions. Given the inherently risky nature of these business activities, many of our clients view litigation as a form of necessary risk management that is best approached on a national scale. Our network and underlying financial expertise make this risk management affordable to clients. We co-ordinate with the clients to resolve disputes efficiently, and in a manner consistent with the clients' objectives.

Intellectual Property

Creations of the mind, be it literary, artistic, musical, or inventory need to be protected from possible theft. Industrial property, industrial designs, symbols, trademarks, geographical indication of sources, are all to be cocooned with legal possession to fend off infringement. The importance of IPR is well established at all levels in India - statutory,administrative and judicial. At Kreetam, we deal with cases of intellectual property rights infringement, in order to reduce distortions and impediments to trade, and enforce adequate protection of intellectual property rights. Following the TRIPS agreement, although minimum protection is provided to creators of an idea, it needs to be followed up with enforecement and safeguarding of IPR, Kreetam facilitates this process of safeguarding these rights, to act as a catalyst to tension-free trade.


Legal Research can be complex and time consuming for in-house lawyers. A small negligence can cause major damage to the firm. We at Kreetam have a team of immensely talented personnel who are trained in legal research. Our dynamic team of Lawyers and interns come from various backgrounds and share their rich experience in carrying effective legal research for our clients. They efficiently sift through data using the different research tools available with us, thus ensuring that you get the best of results.

Competition Economics

At Kreetam, we recognize the behemoth potential of competition law in india. We also recognize the positive shift in trend from the MRTP Act, 1969 to the Competition Act, 2002. The recent proactive trends of our courts in curbing anti-competitive behaviour has also led us to explore this field more meticulously. Industrial growth, post LPG has reached its heyday post competition law. This unprecedented growth needs clear crystallization and hence, this calls for a clear perspective on the ambit of competition law.Read more.


As a litigation support firm, we at Kreetam undertake numerous consultations. Our pool of professionals with various litigation specializations, put together have around thirty years of experience. We not only deal with archetypal civil cases, but also cases related to consumer and competition law. Right from assessing plausible legal and economic consequences of M&A’s to providing trial support, Kreetam’s services in consulting are holistic and immaculate. We also provide structured settlement consultation. Read more.


Our programme is well researched, structured and taught by a faculty of eminence, taking into consideration the real expectations of the corporate, legal and accounting worlds. The programme covers finer aspects of contracts, international trading & commercial practice, basics of intellectual property rights, fundamentals of information technology law, legal language, general and court etiquettes, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, corporate issues, accounting norms and medical jurisprudence etc.


“Paradise must be a kind of library”, the wise Jorge Louis Borge once said. Where is human nature as weak as it is in the bookstore? A good book must leave us exhausted, with the feeling of having led several lives at once.
Books are part of our everyday life, and we, at Kreetam, have brought about publications of some extraordinary works of authors known for their out-of-the-box thinking.We offer publishing space for several debut authors too.
Read more.


The Kreetam internship programme provides college students with an excellent opportunity to learn as well as put to practise what they had learnt in college.
Before the placement process begins, interested students must choose a city and a programme to begin with. Kreetam also provides the “work-from-home” option to students, based on convenience.

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